xiaomi flipbuds pro issues

  1. S

    Flipbuds Pro | Headphones' buttons clicked or touched?

    Hi there :| I need your help to determine if my new headphones are damaged… I'm wondering how the headphones are controlled via the touch buttons - by touch or by pressure? When I touch the place where the button is, It does not respond I cannot move on to the next song, However, when I...
  2. mars2021

    New XIAOMI FlipBuds Pro Pairing Issue

    I recently got XIAOMI FlipBuds Pro with XIAOMI 11T Pro 12 GB/256 GB. I am facing only 1 issue, I will be grateful if you address this issue. They are successfully connected with XIAOMI 11T Pro but if I try to connect them with Windows 10/11 or my other Samsung M30s, Huawei Y9 models but they are...