xiaomi redmi 5 plus

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    Pioneer Sph da230dab

    Hello everyone! I want to ask if someone have tested the Pioneer car radio Sph da230dab with a Xiaomi redmi 5 plus, because It doesn't work with my phone (It turns off when he's connected by bluetooth) Thanks you everyone
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    Does TWRP work without root? The question was born in the moment when i try to update my phone. It reboot in recovery and it doesn't do nothing. So i try to download the update and install it manually, but when i go in "install" the voice "internal storage" indicate 0mb and i can't find the...
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    High performance on xiaomi redmi 5 plus doesn't work

    Hi i have a xiaomi redmi 5 plus, but in the battery application there isn't the high performance option, i have used quickshortcutmanager but the command doesn't work (i have miui global stable