xiaomi redmi 6a

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    REDMI 6A Boot loop after flashing eu rom

    REDMI 6A Boot loop and bricked phone after flashing eu rom Using latest twrp. used the following rom "xiaomi.eu_multi_HM6A_V10.0.1.0.OCBCNFH_v10-8.1"
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    My Redmi 6A brick

    Dear moderators, as well as the community MI I saw a solution to the problem through the program SP_Flash_Tool But in order for me to be given permission to flash the device, I need a service account for authorization. I ask for help from you so that they will authorize me for further device...
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    Please help! Xiaomi redmi 6a Hardbrick

    Hi guys, I'm Jenn and this is my first time here. I have a xiaomi redmi 6a and has hardbrick. It doesn't turn on :( Can it be saved? I really appreciate your help, my phone is actually almost new. I only used it for 3 months :( Thanks