xiaomi redmi note 8 pro

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    redmi note 8 pro, mobile network issue with transmitter

    My phone is redmi note 8 pro. My office building has a t-mobile transmitter inside which cause my phone to automaticly select network as T-mobile, despite having the option "Automatically select network" disabled. I have a sim card from virgin mobile and as a result I cannot use mobile internet...
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    Invalid Can't use camera. (Redmi note 8 pro)

    For some reason , i can't use my camera's anymore on other apps although I gave them permission. It happened ever since i got the update two days ago and honestly I'm not sure what to do. The only app that the camera is working on is the Default camera app. Please, I need some help.
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    Invalid Can't use another camers apps besides Xiaomi's Camera's app.

    Although apps like instagram , snapchat and more got permission from me , the camera doesn't seem to work anymore beside the camera's default app. I already gave the apps permission but it keeps on asking for one.
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    Backup data while my xiaomi redmi note 8 pro is in recovery mode

    My phone got stuck in the recovery mode , but i do not want to wipe data because i do not have a backup , there is any way to backup my data first ?