1.8.19 Gmail Label Notification Bug


Aug 17, 2011
If you go into Settings>Programs>Gmail Settings

and try to set the 'Labels to Notify' options it Force Closes.
The notification tones for gmail can be changed for each gmail account & folder/label (inbox, etc) from within the gmail app (under "Account Settings" [select an account], then "Labels to notify" near the bottom); this method DOES NOT force close like it does if you try using the MIUI Settings.

There is a similar (Force Close) bug though if trying to change default ringtones under the Sound Settings in the MIUI settings app. I recall reading somewhere that this could be solve by manually creating some folders / directories on the SD card, but I cannot find the post ATM... I got around it by using a 3rd party app from the market (Zedge) to set default ringtones.