11T Pro - LockScreen Pattern - Not recognized


Apr 26, 2023
Hi everyone,
so my issue is simple, yet I don't know what to actually do.

After a recent update via Google Play of some applications (i think that's the main problem), my draw pattern (a correct one) is not recognized by the phone anymore. Whatever I do, my Lock Screen doesn't recognize my correct pattern and lock itself from 10 seconds to 5 minutes depending on how many times I've tried to open it. Even my fingerprint is not recognized (altough as far as I remember, it never is when my phone boots for the 1st time, as pattern must be validated first).

My phone becomes unusable, as it can't unlock. The only 2 options I have are "Emergency call" or "Forgotten password". The latter option just says I have to Wipe Data Format which is not an option for me, as I have important things on my phone.

What solution could I apply, so I can unlock my phone WITHOUT having to delete my data :/

Important to note:
- It's not a problem from screen protector (I've removed it..)
- Generally I was using the option for invisible draw pattern, thus no one sees what I draw as extra protection (maybe it could be part of the problem now after some updates of random apps).. but obviously is working
- My SIM code is still accepted and it's fine, so not everything was Reset for whatever reason, as it's not 0000..
- My phone is updated to the absolute latest version available via OTA and nothing else was added or done
- I didn't use 3rd party Lock Screen other than the one included with the Xiaomi 11T Pro from the system
- I was using Bitdefender (which was not updated when the problem occured), which has the option to randomize pin for applications only (not pattern)
- I've also made the battery drop and the phone to turn-off and left it like that for 2 days to see if it will somehow reset/remember my pattern, but nothing..

I read so many guides online from Google and all seem are promoting some sketchy software which I dont want to risk with unless it's 100%.

Model: Xiaomi 11T Pro 5G 256GB 8GB RAM with Miui 14 (European version)

Thank you Xiaomi friends!


Sep 18, 2023
I'm having a similar problem. My 11t pro doesn't let me access it despite having entered the correct password. Very strange.