New 9.8.29 - What's up with my Mipad 4's lockscreen wallpaper?


Sep 20, 2019
Hey there. I installed the rom earlier today and after messing around with it a bit, I noticed my lockscreen wallpaper is all messed up. It looks fine in portrait but if you are in landscape, the wallpaper is all squashed and rotating the device makes it worse. The first time you rotate into portrait it's like you get two screens with different resolutions and if you go back into landscape, you get a complete mess. I got the wallpaper off the Theme app and, seeing as someone else here had lockscreen problems at some point, I made sure the Lock Style option is set to default too. Everything else works just fine, live wallpapers don't have this issue either, but all of the images I found and tried as wallpaper have this problem.

I've included screenshots of the issue going from squashed landscape to wonky portrait to just broken.

Screenshot_2019-09-20-01-04-43-107_lockscreen.jpg Screenshot_2019-09-20-01-04-46-934_lockscreen.jpgScreenshot_2019-09-20-01-04-50-479_lockscreen.jpg
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Sep 23, 2019
Hi guys.

MiPad 4 Plus - 9.8.29 same problem, when you change position (vertical/horizontal) and have any problem with wifi. I have sometimes put on/off wifi for stabilization of connection.

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