Airplane mode without turning off wifi and bluetooth

Dec 2, 2019
At my place the cellular network signal is not strong. I plan to prepare a macro that will automatically start airplane mode when I connect to wifi with internet access and turn it off when I lose the wifi connection. The problem is that airplane mode also turns off wifi and bluetooth, which are supposed to be on.
I followed these instructions:

After checking the default values with the command: "settings get global airplane_mode_radios "
I get: "cell,bluetooth,uwb,wifi,wimax".

I entered the command: "settings put global airplane_mode_radios cell,uwb,wimax".
And now wifi does not turn off when I activate airplane mode (which is expected), but bluetooth turns off (not expected).

I entered the command:

"settings put global airplane_mode_radios cell". However, this does not change anything.

Blueooth is connected to the smartwatch all the time.

What else can I do?
Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G (garnet)
HyperOS by
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