"Call rejected" when some people call me


Jul 20, 2021
So here is the issue. I have a new xiaomi redmi note 10 unlocked, rooted, and Xiaomi.eu 12.5 stable installed with TWRP recovery. When certain people call me the phone does a half ring and then responds with "call rejected" on their end. I get no notice on my personal cell phone at all and texts do not come through from those numbers either. this is also inconsistent as well, like I have my work landline phone and my work cell phone in the same contact, however, the landline will get rejected but the cell phone will ring my personal phone. I have no blocklists enabled and no call forwarding either. I am using the default dialer in xiaomi.eu rom.

I need this resolved because I am a group home house manager and my staff needs to be able to get a hold of me and many of them get the "call rejected" message. Yesterday I had a staff not show up and my other staff could not get a hold of me for 2 hours.

Thank you all in advance.
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