Can't record videos using device camera app


Feb 7, 2023
Good day! I bought a xiaomi 12t recently and it is working just fine…but suddenly the video recorder using the device camera just stopped working and saying can't connect to device camera…i tried to record a video while in a video call on messenger and it is working just fine…also taking pictures with both front and back camera is okay…but when i switched to video, the screen goes into blurry and freezed…and then this message appears saying can't connect to camera and then automatically close after 3 seconds…can someone help me please? i tried all the suggested remedies including factory reset but didn’t work…

i have already tried all of your recommendations as I read in the internet and as per advised by some xiaomi users...I already tried clearing the camera data, restoring default camera settings, including factory reset but it didn't solve the issue...i think it is not a hardware problem because there is no problem in taking pictures and recording videos with front and back camera using third-party apps like messenger, viber, telegram, whatsapp, etc...

* taking pictures and recording videos with front and back camera using third-party apps is OK.

* taking pictures with front and back camera using device/system camera is OK.

Recording video using device/system camera (front and back) is NOT OK.
What happen is, when i open the camera, it is functioning at first while it is in "photo mode". But when i turn it into "video mode", the screen freezes in a blurry image and then hang...and the message can't connect to the camera" appear then it will automatically close after three seconds...

My phone is functioning very well..the only problem occurs when i am trying to record a video using device/system camera when switching from photo mode to video mode...

Hoping for effective solution soon...thanks


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Hey did u find any way to fix it because I don't see any comments under your post. Also I ve been looking for 30 min what could be wrong thinking i can't use my camera app for filming cause a third party app is constantly using it for spying or something and then found this post that explains exactly the same problem I have. Anyway, hope you fixed it so I can too.