Data backup with broken screen


Nov 8, 2021

I am looking for help with my redmi note 10 pro with broken screen and digitiser, it is completely black and touch is not working either. I do not have usb debugging on and when i do connect my phone via original usb cable my windows 11 will detect the device but folder is empty like it would be only charging so mtp is not on. I need to turn mtp on somehow or usb debugging but i have no idea how. Can someone help me?

I also tried blind navigation via otg and keyboard with no luck since as i tested on friends mi 9 lite with miui 12.5 i can not open settings with keyboard win + n did not open classic notifications from up...

I tried to turn on fastboot and that did nothing, in recovery mode device was visible with adb bud all command ended with error... I need data inside :( if i would flash some different recovery via sideload could i be able to browse files on it?

Last time i did use my phone it was 3 weeks ago and i remember updating to miui 12.5

Any help is greatly appreciated.