Email problems mi 11 lite 4G


Feb 28, 2020
Hello everyone!

Since a few days back I am having issues with my Gmail email on ROM (v.12.5.8)

Device: Courbet (Xiaomi 11 Lite 4G).

I could briefly add attachments with integrated email client.

I can't send attachments with Google's own Gmail app (although I can login).

But with native/integrated email client, although I am able to sign in to my 2FA Google accounts, presently I am greeted with messages saying that there were problems with signing in, a little short while after. I was able to add attachments the first two times that I've tested.

Besides, with another Xiaomi cell phone, but with a custom ROM, I am able to send emails with attachments with Gmail app.

If anyone could shed some light into these matters, it would be great!

Thank you