Front camera - different color on the screen


Apr 14, 2019
Anyone had a similar problem? I can see different color in the place where is front camera. Problem is with any color except pure black.

You seem to have the stock screen protector on, might make it easier to notice. Also the cam becomes harder to notice at higher brightness levels until it becomes invisible around 50-60% brightness. This tech isn't perfect yet.
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I returned the phone to the store. A different color was visible every time, regardless of the brightness of the screen. I have not seen such an effect on any movie on the internet as in my case. Do you see the front camera on your phone?

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There is a cover on the unboxed Mix 4 which needs removing. It accentuates the notch hole, because it is a protective cover for shipping.

I rarely if ever see my notch, no. Even at angles like in the post here. It's probably the best feature. There is hardly any compromise.

So you were right to take it back if the notch is that visible without the default protective cover
It's not a problem with protective plastic. Service team from tradingshenzhen tried to fix this but they can't do this. They send my phone to xiaomi in China.
Ehh, no money and no phone since few months :/
Hi, I have new Mix 4 and I can see front camera position again. On the low brightness much more. I can see it all the time. Is this normal?
I don't have protective plastic on the screen.


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Thanks for opinion. I'll contact with xiaomi support from China, maybe they have fix for this or somthing else. If not, i will have to return the phone :|
I think sometimes this camera is less visible than usualy.

In low level of brightness do you see front camera? In my case in high level of brightness that "hole" is less visible than in low level, but today i saw very good this circle with max level, then i locked the phone and unlocked, and camera was less visible. Magic.