Nov 19, 2018
I installed 8.11.15 which according to that article (and many others on the internet) should have Camera2 API enabled. Yet Google Camera is still not working, even after I manually edit the build.prop file...
Feb 4, 2015
After many years of use Xiaomi phones i understood their game. I use Xiaomi use since 2013. There is no way that does not work google camera accidentally.
And first I want to state my conclusion. Xiaomi updates are very bad thing. The company make a real tiny bugs, such as a sudden drop in signal, you can no longer access the individual applications from older versions of the system and forced you to update. Everything works but not normal.
Most annoying little things.Then you get into a situation that after one year of updates for your phone say this trash.
The symptoms are:
-The drastic drop in signal where there is strong
-Can not connect to the theme store (when you have an earlier version of rom)
-Worse cameras
-Some functions in ROM no longer working
-Weaker sound from speakers(when playing music, for example)
-Poor sound quality in conversation
-Google camera unable to use (New)
-And many, many things I can not remember all
All this after the new updates!
The conclusion of the story:
The company forcing users to buy a new phones! It is the only true. I think it's time to move on to something new. Huawei. Opo, Samsung, Nokia or or something like that.