[GUIDE] Logging with ADB Logcat

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Igor Eisberg

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Oct 6, 2016
Many of the issues encountered by users can be tracked down by the team using a log produced by ADB (Android Debug Bridge) Logcat.
Whenever encountering obvious failures like app crashes, background services crashes, etc. you should always attach a log to your bug report.
Bug reports for such issues that do not include a log - will not be addressed by the team.

How to enable logging using ADB?
1) Settings -> My device -> All specs -> quick-tap "MIUI version" 7 times, until you see a toast notification saying that "you are a developer".
2) Settings -> Additional settings -> Developer options -> enable "USB debugging".

How to generate a log?
1) Download "adb.zip" and extract it anywhere you want.
2) Connect your device to your PC via USB.
3) Run "StartLog.bat" in the extracted folder.
* If an authorization dialog shows up on your device, click "Allow".
4) Reproduce the issue you're facing, i.e. if the issue is a crash in an app, open the app and let it crash.
5) Stop logging by closing the window that was opened by "StartLog.bat".
6) Upload the log file (log_<device>_<version>.txt) and include the link in your bug report.

Where to upload the log?
Since the log may be too big to be attached to your bug report, you can use any file hosting service you like.
For example: MediaFire, Zippyshare, MEGA, Google Drive (enable sharing for the file), OneDrive, etc.
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