Help with twrp mi 11


Mar 19, 2021
Hi there everyone!
Im currently using 12.6 21.5.12 weekly ROM.
In my phone it appears that an update is avaiable, but it stucks on Ota update.
From what i understand, from now on to get weekly updates i have to install twrp on my mi 11, have looked INTO YouTube and Google, but no vídeo on how to do it, can you please help me with an guide, i do not want to Brick my new phone due to not know what Im doing.
Is the phone data wipe out after that?
Will it be possible to get android 12 if we have weekly ROM?
How should i update after This ROM? Is it Simple as Ota or different way?
Its a long post, so tyvm for any help!
Bruno Pêgo