How to deny access to the "Security" App in Safe Mode


Jul 29, 2021
Hi there.

Im trying to lock down access to a phone (Redmi Note 7 Pro) I own to help me limit my internet usage at certain times of the day, and can place a lock on all of the apps I need to (using App lock in settings) but have found that the "security" app isn't able to be placed under a lock which is an issue because of the ability to access Safe Mode. (In case anyone is wondering I set the App Lock in "settings" to the 11 digit code and then create a time capsule for that code in an app called "Time Lock Capsule" for however long I need to deny myself access - usually a week or two)

The reason this is a problem is that I can run apps (such as Digital Detox and AppBlock) that limit my access to apps in normal mode successfully (and deny access to the "security" app), but as soon as I reboot the phone into safety mode I can quite easily find the "security" app and use the "manage apps" option to shut off those aforementioned apps (Digital Detox / Appblock) by deselecting the autoboot option as when rebooted back into normal mode they will then become bypassed and redundant.

Does anyone know how I might rectify this situation ? To me, either I need to work out how to lock the security app in safe mode or deny safe mode completely (which seems near impossible from what I've read).

Any ideas ?