Installation Crash with VEUXG_OS1.0.3.0.TKCMIXM_os1-13


Jan 2, 2016
Hil all,
I am lost with my phone !!!
The installation just failed with
I saw an error message during the process
I am face with FASTBOOT screen and can not boot again
What can I do to solv this problem !?

On the ADB screen on my PC :
C:\Users\admin>fastboot devices
???????????? fastboot

Thanks for your help
what is the exact name of your device?
It IS a redmi note 11 pro 5G
The problem was link lost between PC and phone.
I have instaled et new OS but it's a shame... I met lots of problems with restoring from SwiftBackup and I have to give manualy all rights to application like Textra, SwiftBackup, App Watcher and so on for having result... A Big s**t.... I would like to come black to a good rom without problem... Stock rom or another provider....
I did a reinstall from crash but i am not very happy with the new ROM because I have to give all the authorisisation manually