Is MIUI 13.0.7 still Android 11?


Mar 17, 2022
Hello guys!
I just update my Redmi Note 11 to MIUI 13.0.7 via fastboot.
I thought it was Android 12, but phone still says Android 11.
Do you confirm that it's Android 11?

Thx and have you all a good day!
Yes, it should be Android 11, there is a 11 in the file name.
Thank you @JiaiJ for your reply.
I'm a little bit confused right now... So is it possible that some models where is installed MIUI 13.0.7 run Android 12?
It depends by model?
Yes it depends on the model, I have a Mi Note 10 with Miui 13 / Android 11, and a Poco F3 with Miui 13 / Android 12.