Mi 10 Pro Questions RE: Stability


Jul 14, 2020
Hi all,

New member, but been a lurker for a little while. Looking to upgrade my Huawei Mate 20 X and have seen the development on the Xiaomi ROM side of things and quite like what i see!

I'm looking at purchasing either a Galaxy S20 Ultra or a chinese version of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. Leaning towards the Mi 10 Pro but have some questions that'll determine which way i go.

1. Bootloader - Can i unlock it, flash TWRP and flash / install these EU roms in the EXACT same way as the global version? (Have seen the notes on the ROM pages on how to do all this and it looks simple enough)
2. I'm assuming that the official roms for the global versions are up to MIUI 11? (and not 12?) Does this mean that if i flash the latest stable MIUI 11 to it, i'm going to get the same solid performance, reliability, battery life, features etc. of the phone as if i were to just leave it alone?
3. Partially the same question as 2 - No Google Pay issues or any nasty surprises to be aware of? I've done some reading on the ROM pages of the weeklies and the stable versions of MIUI 12 and see people complaining of intermittent google pay issues - I can't be at a fuel station after filling up with fuel, only to find out that my Google Pay is being silly due to the version i'm on and then not pay them.

Any info you have to help with the decision would be most appreciative!

Glen - Small town in Country Australia