Mi 10 Pro , Root and OTA


May 1, 2020
Hi, the Mi 10 Pro is my first Xiaomi device.
I bought the China version, unlocked the bootloader, installed EU global rom (MIUI12) and rooted the device.

In order to root the device I flashed TWRP LR.TEAM version which has a button for "root device".
I also flashed Magisk.
Root works , but after updating OTA , the root was gone (makes sense).
I went to TWRP again, clicked the root button, flashed Magisk and it worked again.

Now, although it works, I'm not fond of methods where I don't understand what happens. What does the root button do? Is it the button or flashing Magisk that roots my device? Maybe both? When will it stop working and I won't be able to root?

So I am asking for your help,if you are rooted and also wants to do OTA updates, what are the recommended steps you do to keep the root?



Aug 28, 2019
I dont have a Mi 10 yet, but i've been using xiaomi.eu rom on my Mi 9 for almost a year.
Everytime I flash a New weekly update I have to flash Magisk again to gain root.
I dont have any root button in twrp.


Feb 19, 2020
Root button flashes the in-built Magisk zip file. I think this one v20.3 is old. You can just flash the latest Magisk zip file, same thing. v20.4 is latest now. Flashing ota changes the boot file, so root was gone. You have to flash again on every update.
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