Mi 11 Pro Reboots after ~20 seconds Android 12 Update


Apr 28, 2021
I updated my Mi 11 Pro to Android 12 Beta 21.10.22 yesterday and everything (except for my fail with Magisk) worked fine. But today my phone started to reboot randomly. I can only unlock my sim and use my pattern to unlock the phone before it crashes and reboots. Maybe a Magisk module or Magisk in general causes the crash, so I flashed the original boot.img. Still crashes. After removing my theme (because I read the update logs that using Themes might not work) it still crashes. Maybe this is the wrong section but In case my logfiles:
The one with magisk installed: https://mega.nz/file/QlVFGQDA#YLjAw_7pdwA89KHa0tMm_nmBeujJfWXe258KvsXQPJs
With magisk uninstalled: https://mega.nz/file/9gMnDQYa#3sBYbU6VIiQ9OefrYsLgQ170aqhSLAUD2BFjkWUq5es
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