Mi router 4Aas a main router and Mi Router 4C as a extender / Conectivity problem

Gilberto G

Mar 9, 2021
Hello, a few months ago I bought a Mi Router 4A Gigabit version. I used to have a problem with a Xiaomi Wifi Extender and because of it, I just bought a Mi Router 4C to work as extender. It works well but only with a few devices. My Leonovo Laptop with W10 Enterprise Edition connects smoothly but the children's HP with Win 10 Home edition have issues to connect to the SSID that is set up on the extender (4C). Do I have to do some troubleshooting on the set up of bothe Mi Routers? or look on the wndows 10 home edition?

Also my mobiles the conctivity to the SSID Plus is really diffult!