Mi10T Pro not receiving whatsapp, telegram or teams messages


Nov 25, 2021
Good day I hope someone can help me, I am currently running china rom in my Mi1-t pro , since a long while my whats app, telegram and Microsoft teams messages don't pop up notifications. only when I open the app do all the messages show up, or if I change from wifi to mobile or vice-versa. I've allowed permissions, taken battery saver mode off etc.

2nd question is I want to load EU rom, i have unlocked the device but as soon as I open Windows PowerShell and have my phone in fastboot plugged into the computer it does not find the device when I type fastboot devices.

Can anyone help me


Apr 27, 2021
What about the first question?

Mi 11 Lite 5G NE
Weekly 22.8.25 (MIUI 13, A12)

Today I did not sit by the computer during my work day and I was depending on the notifications that something was posted on Teams, that somebody quoted my name, that somebody called me over Teams or that I had a Teems meeting scheduled

However - I did not receive any single notification.
From time to time I had to manually unlock my phone and to open Teams - only then I would saw new posts in the chats, that I had a missing call, etc

That's ridiculous. The phone/ROM is not usable for work at all - I have the same problem with EMail app (no notifications from my Office365 mails)

Why notifications for Whatsapp work flawlessly, but notifications for Teams do not work at all?

Btw, Teams is set to AutoStart. I even installed Hidden MIUI Settings app from Playstore and with that app I was able to disable Battery Optimization for Teams - but it did not help.
Still no notifications for Teams