Mi9T Pro/K20 Pro Some fixes not getting apply


Aug 29, 2019

So I am using Mi9T Pro, on the latest weekly build, must say that all is working great but there are things must getting a fix soon some of them I wrote in the past and still not getting enough attention.

First is the Camera audio bitrate :

must apply the fix to start recorded video on more bitrate then 96k its a shame that this device uses that bitrate I know there is a fix but as a flagship device it must use more at least 320k like other flagship, its like sucks when you listen after what you recorded - please fix it.

Second is Design :

the font is making a big mess up to all the MIUI, I use different language than English and using Chcocooky font, again font not apply to other languages which makes me use 2 different fonts instead of applying to the whole system no matter what is it, please that thing is second time I am writing here and still not fixed, also for lock screen font not change I remember on MIUI 10 font was changed on lock screen now on MIUI 11 it's not, and when you go to select clock style to lock screen you can see your choose font?
if anyone has a solution on how to apply the font to the whole system I will be delight I am using Hebrew, and I know its permission problem.

App Notification :

what the hell is going with Facebook app notifications and why it's not fixed yet?
half notification on screen all the time like its broke was never like that before only on MIUI 11.

Last but not least :

on previous posts, there was a problem with Facebook app demand for an update but the update never installed,
so there was a solution to clean cach ..... never worked on a long term and problem os coming back still demand update all the time, even my ticket to google/Facebook still didn't fix it so it's probably a problem with ROM that can't get that update, so also pleas fix.

on overall its great ROM and Device but sure need a treat like a flagship and make the MIUI to the next step and make it's greater.

Best Regards.
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