MIUI 14 Broke something (Google Wallet not working anymore)


May 28, 2019
I don't know what it is, but this problem has been going on since the update to MIUI 14.
Google Pay/Wallet stopped working. The phone just doesn't respond to Payment Terminals anymore. No error message or anything. Just nothing.
I've noticed that at the same time in the Payback App (a loyalty program in some countries) the Payback Pay function stopped working too and showed a error message about the device being unsafe. (See screenshot)
It's the only app that shows this error, every other banking app and even the Amex App (Paybacks Parent company) didn't complain.

Something is really weird here.
I've tried everything from killing every trace of Dual apps to restoring NFC a 1000 times.

Is anyone aware of a real, permanent solution for this?


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