MIUI 14 - for Raphael Mi 9t Pro - Ghost Version


Oct 3, 2016
From Telegram Channel https://t.me/c/1649200124/58


CHANGELOG GHOST OS V3.5 18 gennaio 2023

• Supporto multilingue
• Basato su xiaomi.eu
• Stock fotocamera Leica
• Nuova icona Miui 14
• SafetyNet e L1 approvati per impostazione predefinita
• Tema predefinito, Sfondo Mi 13 pro, Miui 14
• Interfaccia utente fluida
• App di base e di sistema di aggiornamento
• Aggiornata Miui Home mod
• Modalità antisfarfallio
• Nuovo sistema di caratteri
• Aggiungi volume Mipad
• Correggi il registratore dello schermo
• Centro sicurezza aggiornato mod
• Gestione del tema aggiornato
• Supporto Super Icona
• Suono aggiornato vivo
• Cassaforte dell'app aggiornata
• Aggiungi l'ultima versione di Monet
- ⚡️Bug: ricarica offline


Oct 3, 2016
this is the support channel

For channel link try this :

For ROM download link try this ... https://mega.nz/file/5RpCRSJJ#PciB7EYtp4aFPS7oH1RzJpO2BWosUM2NLwNoPVYJ1A4

I'm sorry but I'm not very expert on the telegram application and I can't find a channel sharing link; I do not know why .
From the support channel it is still possible to download everything and if you scroll through the posts you will also find the links to the Ghost channel.
You can retrieve the notes by using /notes /get notename, or #notename.
The developer has released various ports of Miui 13 and also released a port of the Miui 14 that I'm using.
The ROM works fine, it has only one bug.
It is not possible to charge the battery when the phone is switched off, i.e. when you plug in the charging cable, the phone switches on and starts charging.
The security patch is updated to January 2023 and that's not a bad thing....
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