need help to port miui 14 to the Pixel 7


Nov 1, 2023
title is a bit self explanatory. basically i'm trying to port miui to the pixel 7 because every single android rom for the pixel is relatively the same (i mean they're all just stock android with a bunch of different features that are not intended to be in the original OS) and i have absolutely nothing better to do. i dont know how to port it. i just need steps on how to port miui 14 correctly without bricking my pixel.

now you might be thinking "oh this guy on is a retard for asking on how to port MIUI 14 to his pixel?!?!?!?" and indeed you're right: im an absolute idiot but i still do not care and i still want to try to port it somehow.

anyways, any type of help is appreciated. thanks :)
Any progress on this project?
sadly, no. i dont have the experience to port any rom to any device so i was wondering if anyone knew how to do this.

also, can i just flash a miui gsi on my phone? it supports treble so i feel like i can but i think i need a custom vendor or something which i dont know how to obtain.
Any progress on this project?
update: apparently if i modify my vendor_boot image to have androidboot.selinux=permissive in it i can dsu sideload a MIUI gsi on the device and technically run it however i never got the selinux status to permissive