PackageInstaller API (MIUI 14)


Nov 22, 2023
Does anybody know if this API is removed from MIUI 14 ? , i am responsible for a app and i am getting in trickle reports about session installs being completely broken on MIUI 14, i know on 12,13 there were issues too but the .eu rom made it possible again.

Should i just give on split style installs on MIUI 14+ or does HyperOS address this issue in any form.

Xiaomi officially removed external sessions support from MIUI Package Installer (China ROM only) since version
It's not an "issue", it's done intentionally by Xiaomi.
We restore external sessions support on our ROMs.
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Thanks for the prompt reply, when you say "external seessions" you mean with adb or should the packageInstaller api work as normal again.