partitioned sd card help.


May 21, 2011
so i partitioned my sd card today and downloaded the new software. 1.5.20 and now when i try to download apps it keeps saying insufficient memory, but i have over 6 gigs available any know how to fix this?
i cant even download terminal emulater because i dont have enough rooom. ahhh. this is driving me nuts
You can try a2sdgui from market if it dl's

Or, better:

Redo card, fresh flash and dl Titanium and Terminal before you do any app moving.

Do you have a sdext3 and I prefer 1gb 0swap

Once Term and TB are on phone run these commands thru Term


a2sd check
a2sd reinstall

phone should reboot

a2sd zipalign
a2sd noswap
a2sd cachesd

phone will reboot again

Then set up TB restore of apps
I had to re-do my partitions because of the same issue. Go back to your original rom. Find (green text) and rename it go to the boot loader and select update. From there you can partition your SD correctly.

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I do recommend sdformatter from web--much mor thorough format than our phones can do
you recommend 0 swap, standard is 32MB, while on most desktop system is reccommended = RAM size; do you know more about this?
we're not on desktop--these roms, unless otherwise noted, run better on 0 swap--trust me :)