Invalid POCO M4 Pro (4G) - MIUI 14 - Always asking for default launcher


Jul 18, 2023

I had this issue since MIUI 13, i thought it will be fixed in MIUI 14 but nothing has been done.
I'm posting here as a last move so that it maybe gets fixed, but am abandoning this Xiaomi ecosystem full of bugs.

The issue is very simple : When I have 2 launchers installed on my phone, it's impossible to set one of them as default... the choice of default launcher is not persisted.

You'll maybe ask why i have two launchers : well I a home assistant application that can be set as a launcher but am not using that feature.

As a result, everytime I push home button i have to choose which launcher I want to use... i've been suffering from this issue for more than a year without finding any solution. Even updating to MIUI 14 doesn't fix it.

It's a really simple feature, i don't know how it has not been tested and fixed.

Thank you in advance if you ever notice this message and fix the issue.