Problems installing Whatsapp on MIUI 10 | 8.8.3 | weekly


Jul 10, 2018
First of all I want to thank developers for their great work ! I installed MIUI 10 8.7.26 ROM on my Redmi 3S device. All applications worked perfectly. After a while I was notified of an update and updated the system to MIUI 10 | 8.8.3 beta via Updater. After booting, all my applications worked smoothly but I noticed the disappearance of Whatsapp from Home screen. I tried to install Whatsapp via Play Store but it did not install. I deleted the old folders of Whatsapp, but I still could not install that app. I clean the Play Store, Play Services and Service Framework cache, but got the same result.."app not installed".Then I tried to install Whatsapp via USB and the result was "INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE". I checked all the installed, disabled, or hidden applications on my device but I did not find any remaining Whatsapp to conflict with. My Redmi 3S is not rooted and Whatsapp app is the official one from their website. Any idea ...what should I do to install this app ?!
Solved in MIUI 10 | 8.8.9 :cool:
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