[REQ] Changeable grid size?


Nov 16, 2010
Would this be possible on a MIUI rom? Could someone go about making this? I know launcher pro has it but I like the MIUI launcher.
Widgets would be great but if icons could be on a different grid would be awesome. I would really like to be able to have large grids, just to test layouts out, at the least. I'd love to help anyway I can, but I am only a themer :(

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THIS was my EXACT question. (Amazing what happens when we search before we post). :)

I would love to have AT LEAST a 4x5 workspace if not 4x6. I love the resizable widget thing LP offers, but that's about it. I don't want to give up the MIUI stock launcher but I hate the restriction a 4x4 workspace puts on my set up. Talk about some valuable real estate...

Is anybody working on this? Is there a mod that can be flashed to tweak this? Would anybody with the knowledge and wisdom to pull this off be interested in doing so for a guy that is still trying to learn all this? (or give me some serious help in pulling this off myself? Serious help!)

Thanks in advance for your input!


We have the best rom out there but this 4x4 layout is pretty restrictive as far as getting your frequently used widgets and apps on your main screen.
I have a slight work around for myself.
I use a program called Extended Controls (99c in the market)

This program makes widgets, but you can put app links inside the widgets, so effectively it can give me a 4x6 or higher amount of space for apps, unfortunately it does not scale the size of the icons, and you have more than 4x6 the icons get squashed together, but this method has proved effective for my needs... I would really love a larger work area though :D
to answer the question, yes, it would be completely possible for the dev team to allow for the adjusting of the grid, it requires a modification to the launcher2.apk included in the rom. no, i do not know how to tweak it to work. as said by dc84, there are some workarounds. one being apps like extended controls or multicon, or you could use a home replacement. the top three are go launcher ex, launcher pro plus, and adw launcher ex.
Bump for interest in this as well. I really do not want another launcher just for this feature.. we have the most beautiful rom out there.. why dirty it up with another launcher..

agreed. although i would also like a 5th column so that odd numbers of apps can be grouped together in the center of the screen.