RN 12 PRO 5G Custom ringtone dont work


Feb 6, 2024
I have Redmi Note 12 Pro 5g EU version,I got a new Hyper Os and since then I can't set a ringtone for a favorite contact. Before the update on miui everything worked normally, after the update it won't ring on the ring setting. Has anyone else had the problem and does anyone know how to fix it?
Previously, I got a setting like the one in the picture, now it doesn't exist on the new OS. I also restarted the file manager but it didn't help.


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You are in the wrong place. This is a custom ROM forum.
Go to the Xiaomi site.

Try adding sound via the "Music" app, not via the "File Manager".
:eek: Oh,sorry my mistake.
Yeah,yes, that's the problem that it doesn't offer me music as an option, only the file manager:rolleyes: