Switch to Miui 12 with Mi 10 pro in OTA


Dec 30, 2020
Hello everyone,
I am going to ask a very silly question for some people, but it bothers me greatly.
Since March 2020, I have the mi 10 pro. Currently on I have Miui 11, (V 1 stable, see screenshot).

When I type the update, it downloads me a ZIP file of about 3 GB named :
xiaomi.eu_multi_MI10Pro_V12. 2.1.0.RJACNXM_2242f0a7d5_v12-11.zip.
2 or 3 updates that I tried to install in this way since March by decompressing the zip in my phone resulted in an interface with Chinese characters, that I once managed to turn into English, but I didn’t go any further for fear of bricking my phone or losing everything.
So my question is simple: With my phone (and its version... global? International? Chinese Googlized and Francized thanks to Xiaomi.eu? ), can I expect an update to Miui 12 in simple OTA, ie with download and simple restart?! I seem to have had one of these since I’ve had this phone, but I’m not sure....
I thought that it was necessary to be patient to switch to Miui 12 and android 11, I have no problem. However, I would like to be sure that with the rom of my phone, it will happen one day, by simple OTA, without having to do manipulations like TWRP... (especially in Chinese, !).
Thank you for your answer!