Unlock xiaomi mi 9 lite

triste temps

Jul 28, 2023
I am stuck at 50% in "Mi Unlock" software, when I want to unlock my xiaomi mi 9 lite. I'm looking for solution and I try but it doesn't work. Can you help me ?


Sep 2, 2023
I had same problem. The device MI account's email & phone was changed recently.... After 2/3 weeks I tried again. It worked.
(I used unlocker from the official site. Probably the "miflash_unlock_en_7.6.602.42", or maybe "miflash_unlock-en-" as I have both)
But my ultimate goal was swill not fully successful... I tried twice to upgrade to EU custom ROM, it failed. Keep booting into recovery :( It said success, but OS not loading.... I think it will be easy if there is a FASTBOOT ROM image version for Mi 9 Lite. But there is only a Recovery ROM image version as I see...

PS: I did a wipe/format. In TWRP.... First I did Wipe, Swipe.... Then no difference... After 10 mins, I did Wipe, Format.... Then it showed MIUI when loading :) Took some time... After set up, I saw that it is successful.... It showed MIUI by xiaomi.eu in the settings :)
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