New Updater app issues


Jun 8, 2020
I have noticed two issues occuring with the Updater app in MIUI 12 Weekly builds on my Mi 9T Pro.

Firstly, with the default settings the Updater app is set to "battery saver" in MIUI battery settings, which causes the Updater to be killed in the background when the phone goes idle, even with a download in progress. When you wake up the phone you will get greeted with a "Error Downloading" message and a stalled download. A more experienced MIUI user will know to set the Updater to unrestricted battery use, but a new user will probably just get confused to why their updates are failing to download. I think it would make sense to have the battery saver disabled for Updater by default.

The second issue is with the Updater download progress notification and only recently started happening for me. When an download is in progress the phone will constantly make a notification sound and/or vibration about every 10 seconds, as if there's was a new notification coming up. Even on the lockscreen the notification animation will constantly show up. A fix was to just disable notifications completely for Updater app but that's obviously not ideal.