Where to download latest stable ROM for MIDO?


Apr 7, 2021
Hi, I find this page very confusing, can someone tell me where to download the latest stable ROM for MIDO? I'm aware that this device is EOL, but I like MIUI and I want to install xiaomi.eu, so where can I get the latest version they released?

Thanks in advanced!

P.D: I'm referring to the Snapdragon 625 version!


Sep 12, 2017
Mido never got MIUI 11 officially from Xiaomi.EU team, development stopped at MIUI 10 more than 2 years ago in 3rd Jan 2019 for dev. ROM (last dev. came out in Dec. 2018 and they made one final dev. ROM from that one) and 16th March for stable ROM as well, it's completely EOL for 2+ years now from Xiaomi.EU point of view.. but if you ask me.. the last MIUI 10 (even though it was Android 7 only) is actually the best MIUI based ROM for Mido, I had quite good performance & battery life with that.