Will Xiaomi.eu ROM prevent my device from killing apps?


May 20, 2024
Hello. I just got a Redmi note 12 4g with 4Gb RAM. Good phone, but the main issue is that, every time I switch from one app to another, the former is killed in the background, and restarted when I return.

So, in fact, no multi-tasking is possible. In other Android devices, this does not happen, I can switch back to the app I was using, and resume my writing/reading/playing/etc. where I left it.

My question is very simple: If I install the Xiaomi.eu Hyperos ROM, will I be able to use real multi-tasking, as in any other Android, or it will keep killing background apps?

(Note: I have found some posts related to this issue, but none seemed to give a clear answer)

Thank you very much to all of you for your work.
Yo estoy en la misma situación. Creo que es el peor redmi que ha tenido hasta ahora.
A ver si alguien nos responde