Wireless chargin speed (Mi 11 Ultra)

Etzel Calderon

Dec 28, 2016
I bought the original charger from **********, 80w, and I currently use the rom eu 12.5.20 in my Mi 11 Ultra I tried it with my two cubes that charge at 67w (my turbo charge), but with the wireless charger, it only says charging, suddenly 50w charger comes out, and sometimes a lightning bolt appears on the charging icon and then it changes to two rays, like which starts slow and then activates the 50w fast charge but not the 67w one (my turbop charge) Could you help me? Or if you need photos I can upload them, I seemed to hear something from the eu roms blocking the loading of the 67w or 50w or the original rom, I'm not sure why I ask you friends.