Xiaomi hub with Smart Life and Google Home.


Sep 22, 2019
Dear community,

I didn't find my answer on web so i try on this forum.

I'm already using couple of smart plugs, curtains switches on Smart Life (Tuya) app on Android.
Smart Life is working well with Google home and I want to use Google assistant for driving all my devices.

I want to set up some heaters in my house and use temp sensor to drive my smart plugs where heaters are connected with...

I didn't find the good temp sensor directly working with Smart life but I've found Xiaomi hub with temp sensors...

My question is : Will I be able to drive my smart plugs with the sensors? And having the temperature from a vocal command to google home?

Thank you for any help.


May 27, 2018
Xiaomi sensors are pretty good, unfortunately their China server is often down or slow

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