Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra "Insert SD card before using camera"


Dec 23, 2021
Hey Mi family!

I have just joined the family and got my first phone after months of searching for my perfect phone. I have bought a Mi 11 Ultra. When I turned it on and tried to use the camera I am met with the message "Insert SD card before using camera". I am not sure why it's asking me this, or if I do need a SD card, surely not? I am not great with tech stuff and have seen some posts online already saying about wiping the phone to fit this, which worries me it might remove the ROM or turn it into a chinese ROM. The seller posted 'The phone has bootloader unlocked in order to install latest and greatest Xiaomi EU full OTA support'.

Please could someone advise on what is best do to. I am happy to buy a SD card if that's what is needed. It just seems strange it would need it with 256GB on the phone.

Thank you for any help you can offer me!