Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro +

Jan 29, 2022
Hola, estoy bastante agobiado, necesito con urgencia saber si hay alguna manera de instalar un ROM global o habrá alguna manera de hacerlo para el Redmi Note 11 Pro +, debido a que el dispositivo está en chino y no puedo ponerlo en Español.
Porfavor que alguein me ayude.

Hello, I am quite overwhelmed, I urgently need to know if there is a way to install a global ROM or will there be a way to do it for the Redmi Note 11 Pro +, because the device is in Chinese and I cannot put it in Spanish.
please someone help me.


Jul 12, 2018
Hi, i'm interested by the answer.
As the redmi note 11 pro+ have a Qualcomm chipset it could be supported by xiaomi.eu...