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Can you make the device software as 32bit?We used it very badly.Upgrade to 64 bit . Please get feedback. previous post got deleted today at 1:41 am.
Reason given for deletion: "Read the damn post rules before posting!"

No idea though, what I did wrong...
I just asking for mi a2 lite. Im not asking for ota or when will be a rom. Dont know what i did wrong :) Sorry for my english.
Hi, I've seen your works in forum theme section and I appreciate them a lot.
I've been using Sunset and I'd suggest a theme similar to PitchBlack Red, so black with red accent.
Thank you anyway for your attention.

Keep volume keys control media .
I am in stock developer rom v8.10.11(poco)
Volume keys control media
Please keep it
Thank u.
hi my friend , could you help me flashing persist partition to my mi8 to fix camera sensor. i saw that there are a few guides related to this issue. but i didn't understand if i need to flash dm-verity disabler or not after flashing persist.img ?
Eyes Irish, next up Blue mi max3 , don't carry a phone domestically, but travel a bit. Big battery, big screen, FM radio have first mi max. Have the Xiaomi tripod/selfie stick with remote Bluetooth trigger. Also mi band 2, watching over my sleeping moments.
Hi dear

Please add persian ( farsi ) language to eu roms

It is avaliable in xiaomi official developer and stable international roms , i think its easy to add this ready language to eu roms.

Thanks for your attention.
please help me after update redmi pro , finger print not exist in option and any lock do not work no pattern ,no pin ,i install miui 10 8.9.13. But dont work and install official china9.6.1 but donotwork,please help me.thanks
Igor Eisberg
Igor Eisberg
Sorry I'm not Xiaomi's technical support. If you can't get fingerprint scanner to work even on official ROM, you should contact Xiaomi.