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Wowstick Electronic Screwdriver Model 1FS

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Wowstick Electronic Screwdriver Model 1FS single body aluminium design, featuring hands free operation and LED lamp for working in hard to see areas such as Garages, Cupboard spaces and other areas with low light. Ensure accuracy and precision each time you use the Wowstick electronic screwdriver. Take away the manual labor of turning screws in or out, let the Wowstick do it for you.

Included are Star, Philips and Flat head screw heads which fit most modern electronics, cameras, smart phones etc. Is also suitable for use on electronics motherboards due to its anti-static design. The included clam shell design case conveniently stores your Wowstick and accessories for each storage and travel. Never be without your essential tools when you are away from home, weighs only 234g.

Batteries are replaceable and operate using 2 x AAA batteries (not included), maximum turning speed of 100 RPM, max running time per batteries is about 8 hours, or 180 days in standby.

Really great product, compact and easy to carry around. I've used this on my Mac Book Pro and other small electronics and find it much easier than a manual screw driver to use and the LED is a plus for those hard to see or get at screws!
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