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IT / Web Technical Manager in the retail sector

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MarkHUK founder, from United Kingdom

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High on life :-) Sep 2, 2012

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May 4, 2016 at 7:18 AM
    1. goodbytes
      Hello Mark, I would like to know where I can learn to implement the manual focus facility in the xiaomi mi 4i camera app. I would really appreciate some tutorial links or a place i can read/understand about it.
    2. XJS67
      Hello Mark! In my Redmi Note 4G 1 SIM I can enable data only once a restart, that means if I lose coverage, I have to restart my phone if I want to enable data again (it won't show G/3G/H/4G icon and won't connect to the Internet.). Any solution, please?
    3. danielmusic
      Mark, can you share with me your Mi box modified Emglish menu ? i don't know photoshop and do nice picture. thx in advance Mark.
    4. Ebenny
    5. Oli Phillips
      Oli Phillips
      Hi Mark, I was wondering if you knew if is a reputable website to buy a Xiaomi MI-3 from? I'm in the UK myself and am very interested in getting one!
    6. Lee Frederickscii
      Lee Frederickscii
      With Guard mode enabled, anyone can still access your photos through the camera. Please address this.
    7. Youyang Jiang
      Youyang Jiang
      Hi Mark, is there any multi-lan. rom with portuguese-Br for Mi-one?
    8. s01o
      Mark, where to download dev. build Mi3 WCDMA? - Is there somewhere available for download?
      Eventually last week? - A beta?
    9. Ellis
      The ROM is very good and awesome!! I love it! and i waiting for my phone (Sony Xperia ZR
      have a good week.
    10. asder_fs
      ı have a problem with message application. I m from Türkiye. If the bank send to me message , messaga application stop working. The sender name like this: AKILLISMS no number. I hope next update solve this problem :) Thanks in advance :)
    11. nightwing90
      Device: Galaxy SIII
      MIUI Version: 3.8.29

      Sir,need your help. i am new to MIUI. flashed version 3.8.29 with gapps 4.1 yesterday and liked it. but all i need to know that is Sudden death issue is fixed in the version 3.8.29?? My device is galaxy s3. or i need to flash any different kernel like Siyah?? If yes could u name the custom kernel that works for Galaxy S3 MIUI Thanks and hoping an urgent reply..
    12. khajehdaloie
      I`m Waiting 3.8.23 for my Phone (LG P880)...
    13. reivaax01
      Hey Mark!
      are you ok?
      We do not have news about your work on xiaomi box sniff ... :(
      I hope everything goes well for you. :)

      Good week.
      1. Jirka
        Waiting on ENG too :-)
        Aug 31, 2013
    14. therm
      i think emotionui B601 is the perfekt choice ???
    15. therm
      does anybody now where to find a new system that works for huawei ascend u9500 ( d1 )
      what cwm and rom do i need and where to find it
      please help... i am so tired of this miuirom because there is no update to jellybean
    16. emperorsuresh
      Hi Mark. In the next version of miui_gapps, can you please include the English TTS engine as well? Thanks!
    17. diimaswanda
      waiting for Xperia arc S, i will port to Xperia Ray ツ
    18. deepsilence
      I flashed last v5 3.5.10 Rom . But in the first boot my phone said unfortunaelly android keyboard stopped. I can't use Rom. How can I fix this bug.
      1. MarkHUK
        try another keyboard
        May 13, 2013
    19. mdth36
      miui for htc one please!!!!!!!! LOVE MIUI!! :)
    20. mdth36
      hi Mark! miui for HTC One? :)
      1. MarkHUK
        maybe end of the month, who knows :)
        May 13, 2013
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    United Kingdom
    IT / Web Technical Manager in the retail sector
    32 year old developer and designer with a wide variety of technical expertise in a number of different fields ranging from Programming, Network TCP/IP, Security via Hardwall Firewalls, Web Design, SEO and a lot more.

    Been using Android since 2009 and have never looked back since. I have used MIUI for 3 years since Alpha 0.1 for the Nexus One.


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