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    Yes, that is what I think, too. Thanks :)
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    Personally I would go with It is more reputable than both of those IMO.
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    I got mine from hotmid only becuase dealextreme and didnt have it in stock and hotmid got a nice price :)
    Dealextreme now got it in stock and at a lower price then its only 20 $ but sure why not money saved :)
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    I have spend months on communicating with a couple of sellers.
    Here are some of my findings :

    Dealextreme ; Trustworthy but do they ever have the phone ?
    Tons of people signed in to get it but it's always out of stock...
    Price isn't great either...

    Good price but what version do they have ?
    When asked if it's the china telecom version they "don't know... " ; yeah right...
    and sure i can use western union to pay for it... ; vague excuses about why just this item cannot
    be paid with with paypal....

    Customer service responds fast !
    Tons of issues with paypal ... "just pay by credit card ! " ... right...
    Currency conversion comes up with weird errors ( price in euro is a load higher then in dollars.. )
    Again ; vague excuses about how and why... " just pay in dollars , is ok! "

    No experiences with Hotmid and androidsales.
    Mixed reviews about both , be careful !
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    hotmid just dropped the price from $419 to $389 and you can buy Accessories from them too now.

    Think you can find mixed reviews about every store on the internet so its hard to find a site that everybody loves 100% just avoid the worst places that seems bad.
    Dont pay with western union and that type of payments and use paypal or a credit card so you are more safe :)
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    DealExtreme is definitely reputable but also reputable for being slow in shipments. That's from my personal experiences. For my Xiaomi, I got it off from a Chinese agent on AliExpress. Prices are good and I got my Xiaomi within a week.
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    Yeah dealextreme i known for being slow normally 3-5 days before being shipped is what my stuff takes maybe its faster if you pay for DHL shipping that they speed up everything but never tried so not sure.
  9. swiftscythe

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    I finally got my MI-ONE Plus from DealExtreme!! It took one month to arrive, though... but, now I have it and I'm very happy with it! :D
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