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  1. 0kti78
  2. Aşkın
    Aşkın umitizmir35
    Merhaba Mi4w için rom linki bulamadım. Mi4c rom kullanabilirmiyim.
  3. dedezaumx01
  4. PhilipYepes
  5. tatin64
    tatin64 chucuoi8x
    hola tengo autorizacion de xiaomi para descbloquear bootloader y he seguido todos los pasos y no me lo hace , ¿tienes idea?
  6. AKK10
  7. Mr. BG
  8. Kelvintino
    Mi Max Prime 4/128 Gold
  9. Davinsky
    Davinsky graw2
    Hey Bro,
    I'm a user of the Xiaomi Mi 5. What SOT you get with latest dev of MIUI 9?
  10. Oliver Weber
  11. Markossi
    Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 owner
  12. Kraker
    Kraker ingbrzy
    Was pretty saddened about the Mio Pad 3 EOL, can you please give the reason why you EOL ed the device? I Knew from the start that the mi pad is not well support by most devs.

    I know this is not much but, can you please just somehow enable the split screen feature on the Mi Pad 3? The wasted screen space really hurts when you're trying to multitask on doing your work.
  13. Vasya
  14. Hector Alonso Alzate
  15. iarshadm
    iarshadm ingbrzy
    Bro.. Please, I beg you. I beg you to solve my problem. I have a Mi Note 2 and while installing the rom in TWRP provided by, it gets stuck at
    package_extract_file took 00s
    SetMetadataFn took 00s
    Run ProgramFn took 00s
    Installing MIUI update...
    Package_extrackt_file took 00s
    I tried it many times but only flashing a fastboot rom works after that. Please help me to flash your roms. Please...
  16. YanAli
    YanAli Rendix
    broh.. gimana perkembangan bahasa indonesia buat eu rom?
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  20. peikko
  21. peikko
    peikko fredek
    Would you know the product model for the Xiaomi Redme Note 4X 3/32 GB Global model (the one that supposedly supports LTE B20) ?

  22. zorda307
    zorda307 ingbrzy
    ingbrzy please tell me heneseey will be updated or not?if not i will bye new phone...tell me if will be updated wen???
  23. Marcelo Pereira
  24. Westhing24
    Flashing a new ROM :D
  25. IceMan_it
    Only fools never make a mistake