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Nov 6, 2010
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Founder, from Shenzhen

Staff Member
    1. tycal
      Hello how are you?
      just a question .
      The rom HMNote2 suspended is it definitely.
      Or is it momentary?
      thank you
      good night
    2. Elnur84
      Hello. Will mi4c get Marshmallow update?
    3. Dreyfuss
      Hi; could you tell me when the weekly updates via ota will be restored for my mi5 global developer 6.11.10 beta? They have been stopped...why?? Thanks
    4. Alessandra consorti
      Alessandra consorti
      Alessandra not alessio by the way
    5. Alessandra consorti
      Alessandra consorti
      Hi mark, I'm Alessio from italy, I'd like to open a xiaomi store here in Rome. To Whom do I have to put my self in touch with to get more info? thank you
    6. TreyG
      Hi Mark, I'm in UK, have dog, please take pity. How do I flash ROM in mi5 running xiaomi.eu Stable (from HonorBuy). The phone has developed some problems I hope to correct. I have unlocking permission from MIUI but their FAQ says it will only work on phones with Chinese or Global developer ROMS. The only instructions I see on MIUI xiaomi.eu are for flashing from China ROM. Thanks!
    7. crashovering
      Hi, i created a thread but i post it in the wrong section.
      Do you mind to move it to the appropriate section.
      Thanks in advance
    8. solidol
      Hello! I need a stable firmware for fastboot Mi4c. Could your help me with it?
    9. Bart.Jeroen
      Can't stop laughing about PM's you receive.. Plzz need your help, sent me 1000 bucks via PM and let Africa be free from hunger!

    10. alex33
      Hello please help me , i tryed to instal nikel rom EU but when trwp starts screen is like stocked i can do nothing even swipe etc .. ; i download trwp from nikel and the rom from nikel too , please HElp
    11. fjhdjghjtt
      Please make a call to me : 9895478777 or 8608749900

      I am from india
    12. fjhdjghjtt
      Really poor service ever seen.....it has been more than one month to replace my earphones, still no stock and service center guys has no idea about when the stock will come.

      I went there more than 4 times...waste of time

      Also send emails to xiaomi more than 10 times...no use

      Shame on your service

      I keep posting the same on all social media networks...let everyone knows how you treat the customers
    13. Adam2050
      Struggling to post to the forum, says my messege may contain spam or something. Could you pm to advise please.
    14. Edwin Jay Ramos
      Edwin Jay Ramos
      Hi Sir ? Can you do me a Favor ? Can you Restore back the miui 6 animation in opening and closing apps ? Please :) Thanks Sir :)
    15. kalki__
      Hi Mark! Sorry for bothering you , but I really do need help :(
      Could you tell me the name of APK that is in charge for the dialer? I searched the whole system and found nothing :( I have been doing this for 2 day now and it is really getting me down :(
      I have MI5 64 GB,
      MIUI 8 by xiaomi.eu, 6.6.16, weekly
      Thank you and have a nice day,
      Cheers, Andrey
    16. goodbytes
      Hello Mark, I would like to know where I can learn to implement the manual focus facility in the xiaomi mi 4i camera app. I would really appreciate some tutorial links or a place i can read/understand about it.
    17. XJS67
      Hello Mark! In my Redmi Note 4G 1 SIM I can enable data only once a restart, that means if I lose coverage, I have to restart my phone if I want to enable data again (it won't show G/3G/H/4G icon and won't connect to the Internet.). Any solution, please?
    18. danielmusic
      Mark, can you share with me your Mi box modified Emglish menu ? i don't know photoshop and do nice picture. thx in advance Mark.
    19. Ebenny
    20. Oli Phillips
      Oli Phillips
      Hi Mark, I was wondering if you knew if Hotmid.com is a reputable website to buy a Xiaomi MI-3 from? I'm in the UK myself and am very interested in getting one!
    21. Lee Frederickscii
      Lee Frederickscii
      With Guard mode enabled, anyone can still access your photos through the camera. Please address this.
    22. Youyang Jiang
      Youyang Jiang
      Hi Mark, is there any multi-lan. rom with portuguese-Br for Mi-one?
    23. s01o
      Mark, where to download dev. build Mi3 WCDMA? - Is there somewhere available for download?
      Eventually last week? - A beta?
    24. Ellis
      The ROM is very good and awesome!! I love it! and i waiting for my phone (Sony Xperia ZR
      have a good week.
    25. asder_fs
      ı have a problem with message application. I m from Türkiye. If the bank send to me message , messaga application stop working. The sender name like this: AKILLISMS no number. I hope next update solve this problem :) Thanks in advance :)
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