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  • Hi, i get:

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    When i want to post anything
    Could you please delete my account? Thanks
    could you please remove my account?
    Could you delete my account please? Thanks
    Hi Mark, ever since I joined the forum I can only like comments but not make a comment. It keeps giving error saying something in my text may not be correct. I am not using an profanities, even a simple sober English message doesn't go thru. Can u help pls?
    Btw i am sending this msg after using VPN. Currently I reside in indonesia.
    Hi Mark,
    Is there a chance to get rid of all these Magisk/Root/Widevine level discussions in the actual release Thread? It is so annoying to read through dozends of Posts which are not really related to the supported ROM's.
    Hi. Can you please tell me how to change my display name on forum, I could not found it anywhere to make this change on profile page. Thank you.
    Send me a private message with the new name you want to use, dont post it here :)
    please tell me, xioami.eu_multi_HM4_v9.2.4.0, this is for redmi 4 prada and this is a stable firmware is a Russian language
    Hello, Mark.
    My name is Ernest, I live in Estonia and i want to sell Xiaomi smart home goods in Estonia. I have question about CE Certificate for Aqara, Mijia, Yeelight and others Xiaomi smart home system products. Do you have CE certificate?
    CE can be obtained for the EU products when MOQ is 5000 pcs or more :)
    Why dont you offer wholesale in Europe? Yeah 5000 pcs of each product to a single customer is a nice profit but I am sure that non of the big players will act and buy from Xiaomi that quantity. At that quantity I can let them produce with my brand too. So you are interested to sell to resellers, you can contact me too. We are from Austria.
    Hi, when Xiaomi allow us to unlock bootloader on Xiaomi Mi 5X. There are a lot of guys from Europe, who bought this phone .
    there are weekly firmware for redmi4 Prime, you can throw the link to you had it translated...and test
    Hi there, good afternoon,

    I just upgrade my mibox model: MDZ-16-AB to android 7.0 beta and i want know if is anyway to DOWNGRADE it back to android 6.0 international version of it?
    After upgrade to android 7.0 my controller is not work good on recovery hard reset and also not work the microphone.
    Anyone can help me to DOWNGRADE it?
    J'ai un gros souci avec mon téléphone.
    Pouvez-vous m'aider?
    Sur l'écran s'affiche "chargement du lanceur", et bloc mon téléphone.
    Quand je suis en mode avion je n'ai plus de soucis mais je ne peux rien faire!
    Please HELP ME!!!
    Hi, I'm also having problems making two(2) Xiaofang cameras to work. I have made sure the Locale is set to Mainland China, however I keep getting the message "must be used in mainland china". I'm surprised both cameras won't work?
    Have you ran the Xiaofang hack methods yet?
    Hi Mark , did you just delete the thread regarding these Cameras ?
    Hello Mark, I have a small request,I mistyped my username when registering.Could you change it for me or allow me to change it?
    Sure what should the username be? Please PM me.
    Hello how are you?
    just a question .
    The rom HMNote2 suspended is it definitely.
    Or is it momentary?
    thank you
    good night
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