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  1. Mix Master
    Mix Master miboy
    Dear miboy, if you really are in contact with someone from the dev team then please ask them to fix the auto refresh rate problem (chmod 666) and please let them add external hdd writing permissions.
  2. Gonzo44
    Gonzo44 dungphp
    hi, do you know if multicast is already fixed in miui eu??
  3. blueberry2478
    blueberry2478 ingbrzy
    miui china stable 9.2.1 for mi max 2 is released. hope to see the eu rom. thank you.
  4. eddie9684
  5. Elnur84
    Elnur84 ingbrzy
    And thanks for developing
  6. Elnur84
    Elnur84 ingbrzy
    Hello. Please add Azerbaijanian currency to miui calculator.

    Thanks in advance
  7. Ilaby91
    Ilaby91 fast83
    do you use Whatsapp?
  8. Ruben Gutierrez Olias
    Ruben Gutierrez Olias Oscar_Sanz
    Buenas compañero cómo as hecho la instalación de la nueva versión? Porque a mí me fallan las notificaciones. Todas las versiones de 9.3
  9. raupe
    raupe ingbrzy
    Hey ingbrzy!

    Thanks for the oreo Port for chiron!
    Upgrade worked like a charm!

    You used my TWRP build and posted a copy of an work in progress build for the device. I'm very proud you state my build as stable but sowmewhat confused that i've not been contacted in front of this procedure.

    Could we clean up this procedure and talk how to manage the upcoming updates for TWRP that are planned?

    Cheers raupe
  10. giannisagal
  11. Hartmer
    Hartmer ingbrzy
    I have a problem with my MI6 since OREO update.
    When I try to do local update, the smart assistent crashes. Nothing is saved after that and also all APPS are different located on my homescreen.

    I tried to deactivate smart assistent, but did not help
  12. lindrosmateo
    lindrosmateo zeork
    I got version 8.1.16 and again the problem for vibration and sound at Viber and wapp!I see you know the procedure to solve the problem.You can write me a process.
  13. Vancitymale
    Vancitymale miboy
    When will mi box autoupdate to 7.0 or where can I download link to flash 7 thanks
  14. 1779459068
    1779459068 MannyRibo
    Hallo MannyRibo,

    ik zag jou antwoord op een andere post en heb een vraag.
    Ik heb ook een xiaomi telefoon gekocht, en wel de 'normale' 4x, er zit wel een multilanguage rom op maar geen Nederlandse taal... Is het mogelijk om hier de NL taal op te installeren? Ik heb de telefoon al unlocked, dus zo ver ben ik al... maar nu loop ik eigenlijk vast. Alvast super bedankt voor je hulp, gr Anne
  15. EUser
    EUser chapdis
  16. Kalitva
  17. Kalitva
  18. Smislow
    Smislow MASVA
    Smart Assistant nema prijevod u dnu ekrana gdje je neki izbornik na Kineskom.
    Fon je RN4X.
  19. lindrosmateo
    lindrosmateo soloxme
    How do I reset my settings?
  20. lindrosmateo
    lindrosmateo Rogerio Lucas
    How did you solve the problem with Viber and wapp?
  21. lindrosmateo
    lindrosmateo MTTMM
    Can you tell me how did you fix the audio problem with viber and wapp for mi6?Did you solve the problem of unlocking your phone?
    1. MTTMM
  22. lindrosmateo
    lindrosmateo Arjano
    Can you help me?Can you help me? What does that FC mean?

    1. Arjano
      FC = crash
      Jan 15, 2018 at 10:37 PM
  23. minhnhat84sk
    minhnhat84sk ingbrzy
    FM radio when plugged into the headset automatically emits speaker sound, I am not happy about this!
  24. minhnhat84sk
    minhnhat84sk ingbrzy
    FM radio each time the headset is plugged into the loudspeaker. I have commented from version 7.11.2 but have not resolved yet!
  25. trungmanhvbhp
    trungmanhvbhp ingbrzy
    Hi ingbrzy

    Please develop for Mipad 3 base on firmware China stable V9.2.2.0.NCICNEK (MIUI9)